Move or copy you WP site

There is a very handy plugin “WP Clone by WP Academy” which will really help you if you want to:

  • move your complete WP site to another address when you change domain
  • copy your complete WP site from your development site to production site

How it works:

  • This plugin must be installed on both sites.
  • On source site you perform backup
  • on target site you perform restore

This plugin copies / moves everything you have in your WP installation. All plugins, all settings, all posts, all media files, really everything. And it automatically changes all links in data. So on your new site everything will be the same way as it was on old site.

I used it several times already. Twice it happened that I received some error messages from Sucuri plugin during attempt to login into admin dashboard using stored direct link in browser. Therefore I first went to page URL and there I used link in sidebar. And everything was working again.


But be warned – if you use also “BackUpWordPress” plugin then read this link.