How to create your own WP site – basic installation

These hints are intended for beginners – so please be patient with it. Remember times when you were also beginner…

Necessary steps:

  1. Choose carefully your web hosting provider. Try to find information in your local versions of magazines like Chip, PCWorld. They make some good comparisons etc.
  2. NEVER take any free web hosting unless you really don’t care about destiny of your website. ALL free hostings are really crap – what else you expect for free. Buy at least cheapest paid web hosting.
  3. Register as customer and order some domain name – this could take some time to thing about proper one. Believe me most names you would like have been already taken long time ago. But you will find you favorite domain name I am sure.
  4. Pay for domain and hosting. You will receive login information from your provider
  5. Create new database on web server using browser GUI on your provider’s website – you will probably also receive login into database in e-mail.
  6. Download and unzip latest WP package from official web.
  7. Copy all files and directories to your new web hosting – usually into www directory
  8. No your PC – copy file wp-config-sample.php into new file wp-config.php and open it in some simple editor like Notepad. You need to enter information about database and login into database – comments in file are self explaining enough just take your time to study them. Also change prefix of tables – see my test about it.
  9. Download wp-config.php to your hosting into www directory
  10. Call “your domain name”/wp-admin (for example – it starts installation of WP. It is simple so don’t panic.
  11. Enter you site name and create main administrator user. NEVER create login name “admin”.
  12. After installation log into admin page and immediately mask real login name of your admin user.
  13. If you want to use only free plugins then go into “Plugins” and immediately install and activate:
    1. Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening”
    2. Wordfence Security”
    3. WordPress Simple Firewall
  14. There are also other security plugins you should consider to use.
  15. Install and activate also some Backup Plugin – like BackUpWordPress Backup
  16. If you intended to allow comments on your site then activate “Akismet” plugin. Otherwise you will see some stupid crap spams in your comments.

And that’s it. You have your basic installation of WP up and running. If you want to go forward read my other texts.