Backup plugin: BackUpWordPress Backup

This is probably the best free backup plugin.

Even in basic configuration after installation and activation it will do what you need:

  • It will make database backup once per day store it on server and also send ziped backup file to main email address configured in WP dashboard.
  • It will make full site backup once per a week and store it on server. This file can be really big so you have to download it manually.

If you do not add new content frequently to your web then these settings will work good for you.

But if additions are quite often then you can set database backup to 2x per day and full backup to 1x per day etc.


WARNING: if you installed “WP Clone by WP Academy” to backup and restore your site using cloning then this can cause BackUpWordPress plugin to fail. Because WP Clone during restore unzips backup file into its restoration directory. So if you need to use both plugins you must exclude “wp-clone” directory from backups.